ReadMe for 1-Wire Weather Service for Java

Copyright © 2011 Karl Uppiano

For best results, your 1-Wire network should be operating reliably before attempting to put it to real data acquisition work. The 1-Wire Viewer is a very good tool for checking out your 1-Wire network performance. If your 1-Wire network is not stable, the 1-Wire Weather Service for Java might work, but your logs will quickly fill up with warning messages about CRC errors, some devices may fail to be recognized, and the data quality will be compromised.

If you find your 1-Wire network has problems, you might consider some of the suggestions in the application note Guidelines for Reliable 1-Wire Networks, paying particular attention to Appendix D: "R-C Filter Helps DS2480B Interfaces on Short-to-Medium Networks".

This software runs on any platform that supports Java SE 6.0 Runtime Environment and the Dallas 1-Wire drivers.

1-Wire Weather Service for Java installation and configuration instructions are located in the WxService Documentation and the WxMonitor Documentation that came with this distribution package.

Windows shortcuts are provided as a convenience for starting the WxMonitor application. The Windows shortcuts assume you have copied the wxservice directory to "C:\Program Files\wxservice". If your install directory is elsewhere, you will need to modify the shortcut "start in" property to point to your install directory. You can also edit the shortcuts to use wxmonitor.ico by selecting the "change icon" button and browsing to your install directory. If you want the shortcut on your start menu, right click a shortcut and select "pin to start menu".

The shortcut Weather Monitor Inproc starts the monitor and the service as a single stand-alone Java application. This is the simplest way to get things up and running, especially if you do not have a network, or you do not want a distributed operation.

The shortcut Weather Monitor Inproc Debug starts the monitor and the service as a single stand-alone Java application in debug mode. It will wait until you attach a remote debugger. This is for advanced users that are developing their own plug-in modules.

The shortcut Weather Monitor WS points to my web service to allow you to see a working system in operation. You should change this to point to your own web service once you have it running.

You can access late-breaking information and documentation changes at my website. See also 1-Wire Weather Service for Java Tech Notes.